Greetings web browsers and the people they are displaying their content to. I am home again, though barely. Don’t expect any posts from me the next few days. So much stuff to unpack :U. College is starting again for me in two weeks. I don’t know yet how regular I am going to make my uploads then….

I suggest My Little Pony X Mathematics.

Fun with magnets!

0th iteration of the Sierpinski’s tetrahedron

1st iteration

2nd iteration

2nd iteration, different angle

Trimmed away the golden tips

Trimmed away more

Different angle. Does the shape look familiar?

Added support struts. It’s an octahedron now!

Truncated the octahedron into a, well, truncated octahedron. I think the colours look cute.

This is the ‘mess’ I made while trimming and truncating